The Captain's Daughter

3 Jul 2012


Why do we tire ourselves by doing things that do not matter, neither in the past nor in the future?

Why can’t we focus on the here and now?

Why do we fill our minds and hearts with useless worries, anxieties and doubts?

Why do we cry and succumb and let our weakness prey on us when we’re downhearted?

Why do we lose all hope when we’ve only lost one thing and not the whole universe?

Why do we read books that tell us what to do about our lives when in fact it’s only us who can really tell?

Why do other people’s opinion matter to us when it’s our life and not theirs?

Why do we let the society manipulate us with their eloquent words that in the end will only destroy us?

Why do we adore other people, their beauty, their body, but we can’t do the same for ourselves?

Why can’t we, for once, live life the way it should be lived?

Why do we chase those dreams when we can live it?

Why do we dream of living a life well-lived when we can live it in real time?